It's 'Sakura Matsuri' Cherry Blossom Festival Time...In Washington DC and elsewhere

I never had the chance to be in Washington DC for the Cherry Blossom Festival. Many of my friends there suggested I made time for this event.
It has not happened yet.
The Washington DC Cherry Blossom Festival starts tomorrow and runs until April 15.
The Washington Post offers an Excellent Guide to the 2007 Edition.
The main thing tomorrow will be The Smithsonian 'Tako Age Taikai' Kite Festival and my personal pick this week-end would be Poetry in the Japanese Garden on Sunday, if you want to learn how to write a Haiku and other poems and then create your own.
The Smithsonian also offers Japan Wow, a concert exploring Japanese music and tradition on Saturday Evening.

Philadelphia has its own Sakura Matsuri (the Japanese name for Cherry Blosson Festivals) from April 9 to the 22nd called the Subaru Festival (for its sponsor).

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden has its own Sakura on the week-end of April 28 and 29.

To get back to Washington DC there is also a Sakura Matsuri Street Festival (46th year) with Food, Sake, Anime, Origami and more on Saturday April 24.

I hope all this gives you ideas of things to do during the upcoming week-ends.

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