Japan wraps its Snacks in Manga and Anime characters

I prefer not taking along my 8 year old when going food shopping. Like any kid, he makes it hard to stick to the list.
After reading Japanese Packaging Design#2: Snack Characters on my favorite Tokyo source PingMag, I am glad that US snacks are not wrapped in packages graced by Anime, Manga and other popular characters. It would make it even harder.

I have to recognize that a lot of the packaging featured by PingMag is should I say 'cute' except for the politically incorrect Pandas drinking Beer while snacking. Snackcharacters13

I especially like the 'Shadowhand Character' gracing the pack of potato rings (salty according to 'PingMag'). I borrowed it as an illustration for this story.

Read the whole piece and show it to your kids. They will be delighted.

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