Surprise...Japanese Restaurant Week...New York City...March 4 to 10

The city that never sleeps will dazzle us with Japanese Restaurant Week from March 4 to 10.

The event will offer pre-fixe Lunch and Dinner at a combination of traditional ones such as Sugiyama and trendier ones like Megu. Japaneserestweek

The organizers tell us that amongst the Unique items being offered are:

-Premium Kobe Steak "Kagerou Yaki" at Megu Midtown ($26);
-Tora-Fugu (Tiger Puffer Fish) Sashimi at Restaurant Nippon ($80);
- A combination of Goya Champuru & brisket of pork belly at Suibi Japanese Restaurant (10% off menu price);
-Japanese Wagyu Beef Shabu Shabu with Seasonal Sake at Lan Restaurant ($68);
-Hamaguri Sakura-Mushi Cherry Blossom-Steamed Cherrystone Clams at En Brasserie ($12)
-BBQ Kobe Beef at Takahachi Tribeca ($14.)

Other restaurants are offering tasting menus including an Omakase dinner menu featuring Nobu’s signature dishes at both Nobu and Nobu 57 ($100).

It makes your mouth water.

The Japanese Restaurant Week is part of the city wide Japanese Food Culture Festival.

Amongst my Japanese outings: Japan wraps its snacks in Manga and Anime and Italian Japanese Food anyone? plus 10 best places in Tokyo for handmade pottery.

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