A Vertical, not of Wines but A Vertical Garden

I always relish the peaceful moments I find in botanical gardens, daydreaming, resting or enjoying a good book.
When I build my dream house, I might have to hire Patrick Blanc to create a Vertical Garden.
Known as Le Mur Vegetal in French (a loose translation would be the Wall of Vegetation) it is inspired by the work Patrick Blanc did around the world as a scientist studying various natural environments.
The Vertical Garden can be built inside or outside whatever the climate and without soil. The plants chosen for it are designed to suit the local weather conditions.
In an interesting twist the Vertical Garden also provides Insulation and Sound Proofing to the building.Iguzzini_1

Amongst the projects I like most in Patrick Blanc's portfolio are The Vegetal Cave (La Roche Guyon) and Les Halles (in Avignon).

He even designed a 'Vegetal Dress' in collaboration with Jean-Paul Gaultier.

He also contributed to the decor of La Bastide restaurant in Los Angeles.

I want to thank Patrick Blanc for sharing with us a Picture of one of his recent projects in Paris for I Guzzini, an Italian lightning company.

I found out about his work on PingMag (Tokyo).

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