A Great Customer Experience: J and R in New York Delivers

I mentioned in previous posts that as I was about to move, my desktop computer refused to come back to life and I had to go shopping for a new one.

Since my wife had set up an appointment with Comcast for our internet service, I had to act quick.
I went browsing and noticed that J and R (New York) had 3 factory refurbished desktops in the $400,00 range, all Hewlett Packard.
Not sure which of them would best fit my needs, I gave their customer service line a call at around 4pm.
Adrian, the sales person suggested the one with the slimline with the biggest hard drive (400GB).
I went along with his suggestions, we had a minor payment issue to solve.
He got his supervisor on the line to clear that small hurdle and we then set for the 2 days shipping option (UPS) for $34,00 versus the overnight ($75,00).
The whole order was completed in about 10 minutes.
Within half an hour I received an e-mail from J and R confirming the details of the order.
A few hours later, a second e-mail followed letting me know that my order had shipped (with tacking number).To add to the great experience, I was pleasantly surprised to have the UPS guy ring my bell in the morning (around 10:00 am) with my item delivered.

This is what you call under promising and over delivering.

Kudos to J and R.

They restored my faith in customer service.

I wanted to mention this great experience as a counterpoint to the bad to so so ones I shared with either ATT Wireless and my Adventures in Comcast land or my recent Bad Vibrations with Krups Espresso Maker purchase. 

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