Bad Vibrations...New Krups XP4030 delivers Espresso and Headache

My old and reliable espresso machine died this week and my wife stopped at Bed, Bath and Beyond yesterday to pick a replacement.

The new coffee maker is the Krups XP4030.
It looks good on the counter.
I felt good until I turned it on.
It vibrates like crazy and gave my cups the jitters.
The worse part is the noise more akin to one produced by power tools than kitchen appliances.

This Epinion Review highlights the same issues.
Looks like this Espresso maker will find its way back to the store.
I don't want to get a headache with every cup.
By the way my old one was a Krups too.

As a counterpoint, good design: Cool Ideas...Your Fridge as a White Board...In Brazil Only!

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