Part 2, Should I Dump ATT Wireless? Bugs and All!

On Sunday I asked the question Should I Dump ATT Wireless? as I was unable to upgrade/replace one of my phones and their process online is/was anything but seamless.
On Monday, I called customer service and was told it would be all fixed if I updated my very old plan to a recent one (albeit with 100 minutes less monthly, for the same price) from the 'new' ATT.
I went ahead, updated and was told that within 24 hours, I should be able to go online and order the replacement phone with no sweat.

I had a hard day tasting Alto Adige wines yesterday.

Well, it still does not work as I found out this morning when I tried.
This is broken and the nice customer service rep told me when I called that there is a problem with their online ordering feature.

He told me he realized after giving it a try that their online ordering does not work and no one knew so it could not be fixed.

Amazing isn't it?

How many people got riled in the past few days while experiencing the same frustration?
How many decided they had enough and jumped to the competition I wonder?
It sure must be widespread since Reuters picked my Sunday story in syndication and it has been the most read of those they chose so far.
Maybe I will jump ship today.
Enough time wasted.
Should I send them a bill for it?

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