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I always liked a good cup of Java, mostly in the morning, it is kinda part of my 'getting into the day' ritual.
These past few days I could have used quite a bit of caffeine to fight a tired feel that dawned on me but instead opted for a nap.

Not today though, while enjoying a second espresso intake, I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you about master roasters Coffee Supreme spilling all the right beans in Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland (New Zealand) with an Australian outpost in Melbourne.

They do not operate any Coffee Shops as far as I know but rather supply them with the beans that make your morning sing.
The site offers a dizzying array of features besides the purely commercial ones including How to Make the Perfect Cup at Home, a Cafe Locator and more, more, more.

I took a quick tour of these and not that I am big on pink (the singer or the color), I fell for the bright energetic yet retro look of Hydro Magestic in Hamilton (pictured here).

Scrolling down the same page, I then had the weird experience of seeing a guy who could be my bearded twin leaving 'Mascavada'.

Funny enough the Coffee Supreme website was designed by the RESN team which I met at South by Southwest this year.

The world is small, isn't it.

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Uncovered Coffee Supreme via Vitamin

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