How New Zealand wines led me to a breton sounding pacific island named 'Kermadec'

I was intrigued yesterday while reasearching New Zealand wines to first find out about Kermadec Restaurant located in Auckland. The restaurant referred to the  Kermadec Islands as  the inspiration for their name. Kermadec Both names got my attention because they really sound Breton to me (as from Brittany where I was born). A little research of Breton family names confirmed my suspicions. Kermadec is formed of "Ker" which means hamlet, village and "Madec" is derived from the adjective "Mad" which means good. This bit of research also indicated that a number of sailors from Brittany brought their families some notoriety by baptizing islands they discovered with their name.

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Matariki Quintology (2001), my kiwi red wine pick for Wine Blogging Wednesdays Number 17

Jan 5
This edition of Wine Blogging Wednesdays gave me a little challenge. I looked around for red wines from New Zealand and besides Pinot Noir could not find much. I was glad to stumble upon the Quintology 2001 from Matariki Gimblett Road . This 5 grapes Bordeaux style blend combines Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Syrah. It offers a nice fruit forward with medium tannins and light oak. Even though it drinks very nicely...
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A quick reminder, I will be hosting a breakfast with Steve Shapiro, author of 'Goal Free Living' on Monday, January 9 in Montclair, New Jersey

Jan 6
Just a few words to remind you that on Monday, January 9, I will be hosting a breakfast with Steve Shapiro to celebrate the publication of his new book Goal Free Living (John Wiley). This event takes place at Church Street Cafe in Montclair, New Jersey, start time: 7:45 am. Join us if you are in the area. For information and reservations, visit the Goal Free Event page.