Pho Restaurants in Hong Kong...A Few Pointers...Thanks to Joyce Hor-Chung Lau

After pointing to Joyce Hor-Chung Lau's Review of Le Bambou, a Parisian Pho Restaurant on Globespotters (International Herald Tribune), I let her know.

She was kind enough in turn to suggest a few Pho outposts in Hong Kong.

Here they are in her own words:
      "If you are ever in town and in the Central district, you can find Vietnamese at Indochine (upscale, located in Lan Kwai Fong) and Nga Trang (downscale, located on Wellington St)."

Earlier this month, Joyce tried Pho Lemon (also in Hong Kong), here is her take on it:
      "I did finally try out Pho Lemon on Elgin Street in Soho. It was a fun night, but the restaurant itself was a bit of a letdown. Actually, it was typical Soho — small, a bit stylish, and overpriced. Three of us ate, with moderate wine plus dessert, for Hong Kong $942, or U.S. $120, which is awfully pricey for this cuisine. Yes, the beef came raw as requested, and was sufficiently thinly sliced, but was still rubbery and full of unchewable fat and gristle. For HK $68 for a bowl of pho, they could choose a better cut of meat. The grilled pomfret, which was actually deep-fried whole, was tasty, but only good if you’ve mastered the Asian art of “eating bones.” I’m allergic to shrimp, but my friends said the jumbo prawns were the best dish. One plus was the fact that Pho Lemon absolutely refuse to serve decaf, and only make Vietnamese coffee, percolated at your table into a cup with condensed milk. So the best came at the end."

Thank you Joyce for keeping the Pho conversation cooking.

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