Tuesday Morning 'Pho Fever'...A Taste of Vietnam

No Travolta in the mix!

Music, Digital Media and Vietnamese Soup (Pho Soup) are on the menu of the Pho List which I have been a member of for a while now.

One of the list members, Stacie, took the time to share with us Pho Fever.

The site explores all things Pho food including its history and origins which they describe as phollows:

"Phở was born in Northern Vietnam during the mid-1880s. The dish was heavily influenced by both Chinese and French cooking. Rice noodle and spices were imported from China; the French popularized the eating of red meat. In fact, it is believed that "phở" is derived from "pot au feu" a French soup. Vietnamese cooks blended the Chinese, French and native influences to make a dish that is uniquely Vietnamese."

I also learned from them that the soup is served in 4 bowl sizes. The larger is Xe Lua nicknamed 'The Train Bowl' which must explain why many Pho restaurants (Chicago, Toronto, Philadelphia and other cities) go by the name of Pho Xe Lua.

They also offer a directory of Pho Restaurants (US only) by State.

You can update it by submitting an entry.

That's all folks!

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