Take 5...For Blog Day 2007...I offer 5 Sites that span the Globe

For whatever reason, i did not have the chance to participate in Blog Day 2006 so I could not miss Blog Day 2007 Edition taking place today.


I called my selection Take 5 even though neither Dave Brubeck nor any Jazz Sites are part of the Mix.

Here are Five unscientifically picked Blogs:

- Elisabeth Fourmont left Chicago for Paris or to be precise Belleville. Pay a visit to La Coquette. She likes a bargain and digging for old treasures as highlighted in Ten French Stores That Make Me Happy, a piece she wrote for GlamChic.

-From Buenos Aires, Nicolas Gonsalez Garrido shares his adventures in design on Hello Nico. I discovered his creative work thanks to his Guide Dog Light.

-In London, Dug Falby (who also writes more tech oriented stuff on A Donkey on The Edge) runs a labor of love The Lecture List with his friend Chris. What the site does is as you might have guessed List Lectures (in London and the UK) on many topics, some book related which is how Dug found me via my story on Bit of a Blur by Alex James.

-Even though they probably do not need my endorsement the fine people at PingMag in Tokyo have been providing me with a great window into Japanese culture, tradition and creativity.

-I will round up the selection with A Dash of Bitters from Brooklyn, New York (not Brooklyn, South Africa).  As the name suggests they are big on cocktails and offered The Flying Cucumber, you know one of these sophisticated Martinis as their Labor Day Week-End pick.

They could also have made it on the List: Let's Get Primitive, The Book Blog which I covered in Pitch a  Tent  and Best of Guangzhou, see my Lost in Guangzhou piece. 

I hope you enjoyed this Mix from 'the French Guy from New Jersey'

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