Lost in Guangzhou, Find your way around with...'Best of Guangzhou'

A visit to Photomatt, home of Matt Mullenweg (of Wordpress fame) put me on the road to China.

I first made a stop at Urban Giraffe (no relation to the local zoo or Toys' r' Us mind you).
Urban Giraffe is where British Expat and software developer John Godley muses about technology and China.

I surely could use some of his technical skills in making this site a better place.

What interested me more is his side project Best of Guangzhou where to quote him: "You will find all the best information about what Guangzhou (otherwise known as Canton), China's 3rd largest city, has to offer."

The site is a work in progress as any new venture is.

I like its practical, no-nonsense approach.

Pay them a visit.

Other Guangzhou stories: Wine, Big in China

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