Job Idea Number 4: Bath Master (Bath Sommelier)

While writing Ice Cream any Flavor (except Foie Gras), I stumbled upon a job I never heard of before.
Some call it Bath Sommelier others Bath Master or Bath Butler.

The Fairmont Hotel in Chicago where I discovered the Bath Sommelier function offers a Serenity Bath which they describe this way:
"Let the Fairmont Bath Sommelier invigorate your soul with an amazing, luxurious bath treatment.  Sink into your tub as aromatic fragrances surround you, tantalizing your senses, bringing you to a renewed state of relaxation".

The New York Times covered the subject in Room Service, Draw me a Bath featuring Rachel Lang at Hotel Gansevoort in New York delivering Champagne while you relax in your bubbly bath.

The Tynavon Bed and Breakfast in Toronto also gives you this option:
"For extra pampering and the ultimate in relaxation, guests can partake in Tynavon’s unique bath sommelier service. A fabulous bath will be drawn with your choice of fragrant aromatherapy oils, milk or mud baths, and music. Flowers, candles, plush towels and robes will be provided, along with your choice of wine, tea and/or sparkling water."

Since Summer 2005, The Sydney Hilton has added the 'Spa Like Experience' to their menu:
"Imagine a spa experience mixed-to-order right in the comfort of your own room. Well, imagine no longer - guests at Hilton Sydney can now enjoy the ultimate in-room indulgence with the hotel's luxury Bath Master experience."

From my search, I gather that being a Bath Sommelier-Master-Butler is akin to being a mixologist-mix master for the bathroom suite.

Where you learn the trade is another question? Is it like becoming a good bartender, a blend of knowing your classics with some improvisation to jazz it up?

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