Ice Cream, any Flavor (except Foie Gras) at Fairmont Hotel in Chicago

Starting Friday, June 1st , guests of the Fairmont Hotel in Chicago can treat themselves to any ice cream idea that they can come up with (except Foie Gras, banned in the windy city).

Your special order has to be placed 48 hours prior to your arrival.
Just give a call to chef Noah Bekofsky who runs the hotel Aria Restaurant.
Each order will set you back $12, not bad for a creative moment.
Will it live up to your expectations, maybe not?

The ice cream project is part of the hotel's In-room Dining program.

The Fairmont also has a Bath Sommelier on staff for your comfort.

Discover Chef Noah Bekofsky unusual  background in Zen Master courtesy of Hungry Magazine.

I found out about the ice cream program on Globorati.

Other unusual ice-cream stories: Seafood Ice-Cream and other strange brews

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