Deep Rich Fruit, A New Love, Atteca 'Garnacha' Old Vines

I get bored buying and drinking the same wine over and over so I look for new finds. Sometimes I miss. Sometimes I hit the spot.

Earlier this week, the fatal attraction of Atteca Old Vines conquered me.
The attraction actually was the 'arty' black and white label and mainly the photo on it.
Reminded me in a way of the photos of Julien Roumagnac whose work I mentioned in Travel without moving.
This Atteca Old Vines (2005) is 100 % made of Garnacha (Grenache) grapes. Atteca The harvest is done by hand.

The vineyards are on slate soils in dry surroundings and benefit from the high altitude (3000 feet).
This wine brings the berries forward followed by a long and subtle finish.

At around $14 a great buy.

If you care to know, Robert Parker gave it a 90.

Other favorite wines from Spain:  Spain for $10 and under 'Carril de Cotos'

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