Travel without moving...Dreamlike Julien Roumagnac

Maybe my taste for photography is rooted in the fact that my father was one. Spending time in the lab with him and seeing photos coming to life gave it a magical touch.

Once in a while I discover photo sites that stop me in my tracks.
Today it happened with Julien Roumagnac.Lockheed
This 33 year old Montreal resident grew up in Touraine (France).

Since he informed me that Spring is still barely tip toeing in Quebec, I chose his shiny Lockheed 10 as an illustration, feels like a call to travel.

Pay a visit to Julien Roumagnac and be awed.
The site is available in French and English.

Thanks to Coudal for putting Julien on our map.

More shots on: Thinking of April, check Arnaud Frich photo gallery of the City of Lights

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