Why does it take so much work to do less? Is Less More?

As I paid a visit to Bike Hugger this morning, I noticed  DL Byron thoughts on 25 things to never get done (so you can spend more time riding your bike).

He mentions To-Don't which describes itself as "a place to share your mistakes, blunders, observations, goofs, mishaps, errors, habits, and fopauxs." I guess the last word was meant to be faux pas ,maybe the mistake was intentional.

Funny to realize we seem to need as many tools to do less than to do more or better if you prefer.

Should it rather be about doing more things that we like doing and do well?

Does it start with regaining some space, some room to make decisions? Less money, more time, vacations, it all comes down to making choices.

Jason Fried of 37 Signals wrote about Less as a competitive advantage (October 2005).

Barry Schwartz ('The Paradox of Choice') shared his thoughts on why 'Less is More' with IT Conversations in 2004 .

Perfect soundtrack for this could be Deadly Weapons by Minimal Compact (not the Box Set).

Along the same lines: Humor me! From Canada the Work Less Party and Live anywhere, Escape the Daily Grind

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