Live Anywhere...Escape the Daily Grind and Start your Second Life

I am not talking about creating a virtual world here just rethinking how to work and live.

Timothy Ferris is on the road sharing the virtues of The 4-Hour Workweek which is also the title of his soon to be published book (Crown, Late April 07).
Our paths crossed at South by Southwest.

I might not agree with all his mottos. I adhere with 2 of them at least 'Escape 9 to 5' (as long as it is not traded for working 24-7) and 'Live Anywhere'.
I don't envision it as becoming a nomad but rather spending time living and working in various places. I would keep a home base though since I am not young and unattached like Tim.

His idea of 'outsourcing' some of your daily tasks (both personal and business related) reminded me of one of the people showcased in Po Bronson's book: The Nudist on the Late Shift.
It was a computer programmer who limited his working hours to the amount needed to cover his expenses, therefore having more control over what projects he worked on.
This person also hired a woman to help with cooking, cleaning and other tasks.

All this goes back to the idea of How Much is Enough? and that is not just quantity that matters but as much How Well we do what we do and How much pleasure and satisfaction we get from it.

My Monday morning musings with a post snow storm cold.

Also on Work, Life and the Pursuit of Happiness: The Four Day Workweek Challenge by Ryan Carson

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