Humor me! From Canada: the Work Less Party

On a light note, from Canada comes the Work Less Party whose tag is 'work less, live more'. Their logo suggests that 'Alarm Clocks kill Dreams'. Is it a vehicle to promote 'Workers of the world relax', a book by Conrad Schmidt or another way to test creative slogans for T Shirts.

Whatever the reason they show a sense of fun.

I found out about them on Bike Hugger where DL Byron (no relation to the poet) turned their 'slogan' into 'Work Less and Bicycle More' before heading to Hawaii.

All this starts to sound like...'New Year's Resolutions' and there are 10 days left to Christmas...Slow down!

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Grove Mill....A Carbon Neutral Winery...From New Zealand

Dec 14
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Menu for Hope...Almost $15,000.00 raised so far

Dec 14
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