Not for the faint: 'Eat Drink Hong Kong' suggests Wasabi-Vodka Jelly and Red Onion Ice Cream

While looking for more info on Dita, a French Lychee Liquor that claims to be one of the top sellers in Japan, I stumbled upon Eat Drink Hong Kong.
I did not learn more on Dita but in their 'News this Week' column I could not help but notice their mention of One Bar. Who would think of oysters shooters, wasabi-vodka jelly and red onion ice cream.
For this second offering, I could not tell for sure if it was one flavor or 2 or 3 of them but I would guess one it is.
The same place also features strawberries with horseradish and black pepper ice-cream, Bloody Mary anyone?

I tried to locate the One Bar for more accurate information but all I could find was the One-Fifth Bar on The World's Best Bars a site for thirsty travelers with a good expense account.
Their Bar of the Month is the Dakota Bar in Dublin (Ireland).

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