'10 ways to stay on a bartender's good side' according to Bianca Antonacci in the San Francisco Chronicle

In 'Five drinks that bartenders just hate to make' published in the 'San Francisco Chronicle' on April 6, Bianca Antonacci gets bartenders to share with her the drinks and twists on drinks that drive them nuts. I would add to her list, frozen drinks. I kinda disagree with her on Mojitos. It is true that they are time consuming but I know many bartenders who like it. The part of her article I like best is the following '10 ways to stay on a bartender's good side':

" 1. Wait patiently. Don't snap, whistle, wave money, tap your glass on the bar or scream "Hey, bartender!" when he obviously knows you are there.
2. Always tip at least $1 per drink. If you tip really well you may find yourself receiving some free drinks. Tip for those, too.
3. Keep your hands out of the cocktail tray. If you want a cherry, ask. Putting your hands into the garnish contaminates everyone else's drink.
4. "Please" and "thank you" are common courtesies.
5. If there are two bartenders, never order your drink from both to see who makes it first. Few bartenders will let you "return" a drink.
6. Don't act drunk and over-animated. By law, bartenders are not supposed to serve you when you are thoroughly inebriated.
7. Don't walk into a bar right before last call and order complicated drinks. This may be the No. 1 pet peeve of bartenders.
8. Always know what is in a drink if it is an obscure one. The bartender may make it if you know the recipe.
9. Don't ask the bartender to "stiffen" your drink. It is rare that a bartender will under-pour the booze in your cocktail. If you want more, ask for a double.
10. If you can't be with the drink you love, baby, drink the one you're with. Try not to order one of the drinks bartenders hate to make when the bar is busy. Either go somewhere else, or be satisfied with something simpler."

    I would put these 10 rules as articulated by Bianca under must know 'etiquette'.

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