Any Takers for the Parasite Museum...A Tokyo Treat

You have realized by now that I keep an eye on what's happening in Tokyo.
The only shortcoming is that a number of websites offer only a Japanese version and things get lost in translation.
My gateway to things Japanese is PingMag and their piece on a show by photographer Bruce Osborn: Oyako - Portraying Japanese Generations taking place until tomorrow Sunday at the JCII Camera Museum in Tokyo sent me looking for some English language information on this event (besides the PingMag piece).

Instead I discovered the Metropolis Visitors Guide covering Tokyo and Yokohama.


Amongst Tokyo most offbeat places (according to them) is a Parasite Museum.
Here is how they describe it:  "Something to gross out nearly everybody, this small shop—started by a Japanese physician—clarifies the nastiness of parasites. There’s a 29-foot-long tapeworm, photos of elephantiasis victims, and fish with bleeding ulcers. Yuck. Their T-shirts and postcards are sure to impress your friends."

For more mainstream interest they list the John Lennon Museum or the Kite Museum (one of their 3000 designs illustrates this post) .

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