Chocolate and Wine: Debunking the Myths: Chocolate Show, Episode 3

One of the French Chocolatiers at the New York Chocolate Show was Marquise de Sevigne (named after the famous lady, portrayed here on the company's label). Portraitmarquise From their offerings I suggest their midsize 'Rhapsody' Chocolate Box (about half a pound), an assortment of some 40 chocolate bonbons, perfect for a small gift and delicious.

I was searching for more information on them and discovered Le Cavalier Bleu (the Blue Horseman, sorry in French only) which dispenses expert chocolate advice.
A few things they discourage. First do not drink cold water with chocolates as they will make it feel pasty, second very dry whites or sparkling whites will be a mismatch.
Clean your palate with flat water served room temperature as you would before tasting a wine.
A white wine such as Coteaux du Layon in its semi-sweet form (made of Chenin Blanc grapes) would be prove to be a good complement.
With rich Chocolate Desserts such as a Bittersweet Chocolate Cake, a Mousse or a Souffle, A  Banyuls or a Tokai would be fine. You can add a Tawny Port to this list.

Missed it, read Fun, Fun, Fun! my Chocolate Show: Episode 2.

For more on Wine and Chocolate read my post on Chocolate Crepes (September 2005).

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