Posts from September 2005

A side trip in the cattle world: About 'Wagyu' and 'Kobe' beef

Having tasted a 'Kobe' flat iron steak quoted as 'Wagyu' and not knowing what 'Wagyu' stood for, I did a little research.
To keep it simple Wagyu refers to all Japanese beef cattle ('Wa' meaning japanese and 'gyu' stands for cattle). This type of breed produces 'Kobe' beef. It is so labeled because 'Wagyu' were first bred in the city of Kobe some 170 years ago.
They were originally a cross breed of Asian cattle with European breeds that took place in the late 1800's.
WagyuAlthough it was closed to cross breeding in 1910, there are various regional lines in Japan.
For more details on that read Cattle Today's page.
They are now bred in US ranches such as Morgan Ranch in Nebraska and others in California.
The high price of 'Kobe' beef is due to its small production as lean beef is more widely distributed and popular since the 1940's.
'Wagyu' are known for their marbling and fat content which makes for a very tender meat.

Australian Band ' Architecture in Helsinki' offers very informative website

The australian band 'Architecture in Helsinki' offers a taste of its bouncy pop on its creative website.
While browsing pages with interesting graphics, a sample of its songs play.
The band is currently touring the USA. Its latest album, 'In case we die', was released in the US by Bar-None.

Thanks to Coudal for bringing them to our attention.

Shop Gotham offers Walking and Shopping Tours of New York City

Say you live in the tri-state area (around New York to translate for readers outside this area) and have friends visiting from out of state or abroad Shop Gotham offers walking and shopping tours of the Big Apple. The company started in 2001 is run by Rebecca Merritt and Johanna Cap who put their Love of shopping to work for you. This is a fun way to discover the city for foreign visitors as well.

Have difficulty managing your house, imagine what it can be when it accomodates up to 70 relatives

The Harilela family occupies a 100,000 square feet mansion in Hong Kong that can accomodate up to 70 relatives. Managing it is like running a hotel but most family members sure enjoy all its amenities.
Read 'Nobody wants to fly a gilded nest' by Kitty Go in this week-end's Financial Times for the rest of the story.

Offbeat spanish shoe company 'Camper' branches out with boutique hotel and health food 'bar'

The offbeat shoe maker Camper has expanded its palette by opening a boutique hotel Casa Camper and a health food 'bar' Camper Foodball which you can even enter on your bicycle or skates. They are both located in the El Raval neighborhood of Barcelona. The 'Boqueria' market which i enjoyed visiting many times is nearby.Market

Chocolate & Zucchini just reviewed the fall-winter collection of pastry chef Pierre Herme

And you thought that only fashion designers introduced their new collections. Clotilde of Chocolate and Zucchini proves us wrong with her review of the Fall-Winter creations by parisian pastry chef Pierre Herme.Herme1_1

If you are traveling to Paris, his shop is located at 72, rue Bonaparte 75006/ Paris

In my search for 'table' red wines, gave a try to 'Colonia Las Liebres' (Mendoza, Argentina)

Always looking for different and affordable flavors in my (red) wine choices, I decided to give a try to 'Colonia Las Liebres' (or Colony of Hares) produced  by Altos Las Hormigas in Mendoza (Argentina). It got a respectable score from wine reviewers and my decision was sealed by the fact that it is distributed by Michael Skurnik wines of Long Island, New York whose taste I trust.
It is a medium bodied wine with a good finish that went well with a light lunch of grilled pork and rice and vegetables and it can be found in the $9.00 range.