Fun, Fun Fun! Episode 2: Chocolate Show

After the exotic flavors of Chocolate Show: Episode 1, this Episode 2 of my diary showcases Two Fun, Fun, Fun companies as the Beach Boys would say.

What definitely caught my eye with Divalicious was their show stopper, the Chocolate Fountain.Fountain You can rent it for your private party or corporate event. Instead of taking a dip in the pool everyone can dip nuts, strawberries and more in the cascades of chocolate.
You can test drive the fountain at their New York store located at 365, Broome Street in New York (Nolita).
Divalicious also likes to mix it up with its Jazz Diva Chocolate Series (Lena Horne, Ella, to name a couple). In a few words, a company for cool cats.

Also from New York City, the Chocolate Bar distinguished itself by putting Style front and center.
Their display included The Stencil Bars, 8 individual chocolates wrapped in the creations of a Brooklyn artist.Cbgbchoc_1
They also offer the CBGB Punk Rock Chocolate Box pictured here.

Another thing worth noting  is their Retro Bars with flavors such as Key Lime, Raspberry Jam and Salty Pretzel.

I hope you are not yet suffering from an indigestion.
As they say everything is good in moderation.

Check back tomorrow for Chocolate Show: Episode 3.

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