Cigarrummet Pipes and Cigars, Djurgardsbrunnskanalen Boat Ride, Stockholm Holy 10 do's and don'ts by Bahar

After St. Louis (Missouri), 10 do's and don'ts take us to Stockholm courtesy of Iranian born Bahar Borna Faraz who I got in touch with thanks to her Portraits of Onions...

Here's Bahar Holy List, 10 Do's and Don'ts of Stockholm

1- Visit the photography museum Fotografiska. It is one of the largest photography only museums in the world.
2- Visit the Moderna museum if you are interested in contemporary art.  
3- If you want to enjoy good quality cigars, visit the Cigarrummet. they offer good asortment of cigarrs and pipes and have a nice staff. 
4- Take your time and go for a walking tour in Gamla stan, the old town.
5- Visit the Sky bar (26th floor) on top of Skrapan skyscraper and Himlen restaurant (25th floor) in southern district of Stockholm called Sodermalm.
6- Visit the Vasa Museum, named after Vasa ship which sank on its maiden voyage in 1628 and was salvaged in 1961.
7- Take part in swedish nightlife, try a random pub or bar or disco or all together 
8- Try a boat trip to Djurgardkanalen
9- Looking for some excitement, then Try Grona Lund amusement park.
10- Enjoy the beauty of Stockholm. Take it easy and be Happy. 
1- Do not forget your Id card when you want to buy alcohol. 
2- Do not take black (unregistered ) Taxi. it is not safe.
3- Do not waste your time on shopping. Stockholm is more beautiful than that. 
4- Do not expect to buy cheaper from Ikea in Sweden. It is a myth. 
5- Do not visit Fjäderholmarna island unless you have lots of money to spend. 
6- The only Casino in Stockholm is not worth a try!
7- Do not pee in public. there is always a toilet nearby but do not forget your pee money (10 swedish korons ) , Nothing is free.
8- Do not run after bus or train from SL (Stockholm Public Transport). There will be another one in just a few minutes. Take it easy. As mentioned before, you can also take local boat service like Djurgarden ferry which "depart for Djurgården from Slussen; they are a classic feature of life in Stockholm and they carry city slickers and tourists to Skansen, Waldemarsudde or the Rosendal gardens."
9- We do not smoke indoor in Sweden. including while standing in bus stop. 
10- Avoid drunk people. Stockholm and Sweden is mostly safe but there is no harm to avoid drunk people or dark areas during the night. 
(* Photo credits, Fotografiska from Facebook page, Cigarrummet from Facebook page, Djurgarden ferry from Visit Stockholm website)
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