Qutub Minar in Backdrop for Sunday Brunch, Indian Terracotta at Sanskriti Museum, New Delhi 10 Do's and Don'ts

Previous 10 do's and don'ts took us to Charleston...

We take a giant leap across the globe for today's pick, New Delhi.

It is offered by Deepak Goel, founder and CEO of Drizzlin (a social media marketing agency) who currently splits his time between New Delhi and Mumbai.

Delhi 10 Do's and Don'ts


1. A walk in The Lodhi Gardens is one of the most pleasurable ones to take. Specially on winter afternoons or evenings any time of the year. 
Lodhi gardens
2. A look at the Visual Arts Gallery at The India Habitat Centre is always a good one to get a sense of contemporary Indian Art. 
3. The India Habitat Centre also opens avenues to some interesting plays, classical music concerts and more art exhibits. 
4. The India International Centre is a good catch if geo political issues catch your fancy from India's foreign policy perspective. The occasional classical performances and broader scope lectures are also a delight. 
5. Well the latest buzz in town is Hauz Khas Village, a place like no other in India. Cafe's, Restaurants, Boutiques selling fashion, interiors and other trinkets are a delight. Well the amazing backdrop of the fort and a lake is totally worth the visit. 
6. Paharganj near the New Delhi train station is a good walk to take for its food and roof top restaurants. The place has undergone massive renovations (that has taken away the old world charm) but still a good view of the buzzy city. 
7. Olive Bar and Kitchen near Mehrauli is a great Sunday brunch location, good food even better location in the backdrop of the Qutub Minar makes the leafy surroundings superb. 
8. Purani Dilli (Old Delhi) near Jama Masjid takes you to Karim's - one of the best places for Mughal Cuisine. It can be really greasy but very tasty. 
9. How can I not talk about one of the best places to eat at Gung The Palace in Green Park. If you're looking for a break from Indian food, there is no place as wonderful as this Korean restaurant. 
10. In Anandagram, Sanskriti Foundation with its great Indian terracotta collection, Museum of Everyday Art and beautiful huts is a hidden treasure on the Gurgaon Mehrauli road.  
Sanskriti foundation
1. Late nights aren't very exciting in the city. So if its past 11pm, you better know your way and company. The city is not as unsafe as its made to believe, but there isn't much fun around. 
2. Don't visit the popular markets of South Extention, GK 1, Defence Colony etc - they all look the same and are chaotic beyond belief. Unless thats what you're seeking. 
3. Street food in summer - just be careful. Lack of good storage makes it a bit tricky. 
4. Palika Bazaar - a market worth seeing but not buying. 
5. Rickshaw / Taxis - know your way, be with a local if possible. Trust the radio taxis otherwise. 
(* Photo credits: Lodhi Gardens via $umit, Olive Bar and Kitchen from from Olive at the Qutub Facebook page, Indian Terra-cotta from Sanskriti Museums Facebook page)
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