Prepare Yourself for Imbibing, Make time for Historic Churches, Take Ghost Town Tour, Charleston 10 Do's and Don'ts

After Visit to Lisbon, 10 do's and don'ts turns it sights to Charleston , South Carolina.

One of the partners at soon to be opened Bay Street Biergarten, dear Laura Patrick, serves us a local take on this Southern Belle.

Bay Street Biergarten aims to offer "atmosphere of a traditional German Biergarten, combined with the newest experience in beer, Bavarian-inspired, southern made cuisine from Executive Chef Jason Walker."

10 Do's and Don'ts of Charleston.


Explore the city on foot.  It’s the best way to see all of the gorgeous South of Broad streets. 


Dine out as much as possible.  Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, there are so many delicious options in town. 

Visit one of our historic churches. There’s a reason Charleston is known as the “holy city.”  Don’t leave without checking out some of these amazing old buildings that are still operating churches.  


Dine out as much as possible.  Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, there are so many delicious options in town. 

Take a walk on one of our gorgeous beaches and spend the afternoon in a classic beach spot like Poe’s on Sullivan’s Island. 

Venture outside of downtown to check out the classic lowcountry sites like Middleton Plantation, Cypress Gardens (pictured below), and Boone Hall Plantation.


Prepare yourself for imbibing while you’re in our fair city.  There are bars, pubs and and craft cocktail establishments in every neighborhood, and you should stop by as many as possible.  Of course, leave some room for a trip to the Bay Street Biergarten. 

Do take a ghost tour downtown. This is a haunted city best viewed at night. 

Try some amazing burgers around town:  Husk, Cypress, Two Boroughs Larder are all great choices. 


Eat shrimp and grits, a lowcountry speciality.  Our favorite version is at Hanks, but there are great ones all over the city.  

Try to catch a show at the Dock Street Theatre, rumored to be one of the most haunted buildings in the city.  

Take in some beautiful art at some of the cities best galleries.  We love Robert Lange Studios, Helena Fox Gallery, and Horton Hayes, all conveniently located in the beautiful French quarter of downtown.  


Don’t eat in a chain restaurant. Charleston is known for the bounty of its waterways and local farms.  Support our farmers and fisherman by dining local! 

Don’t stay outside of downtown.  You really get a chance to see the city like a local when you are wandering back to your hotel on foot after a great dinner.  

Don’t visit like a tourist.  Talk to the locals and find out where they’re going; that’s how to do a city properly.

Don’t forget your sunscreen if you are visiting in the summer.  Charleston summers can be brutal. 

Don’t try to beat our meter maids.  You will get a ticket.

Don’t litter!  We are proud of our gorgeous city, help us keep it beautiful.

Don’t forget to take a rickshaw ride around the battery.  It’s a great way to experience Charleston.

Don’t be lured in by long lines and neon signs.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re at the right place. 

Don’t rush!  We are genteel and slow moving here in the south.  Sit back and enjoy our pace.

Don’t even think about taking a dip in a pond.  One word:  ALLIGATORS! 

Thanks Laura for taking a break from your pre-opening work to serve this taste of Charleston.

(* Photo credits: Goat.Sheep.Cow shop in South of Broad from their Facebook page, St Michael's Episcopal Church from Charleston Area Convention and Visitors Bureau Facebook page, Cypress Gardens fall image from their Facebook page, Two Boroughs Larder from their site)

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