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If we are what we eat, we should better know where what lands in our plate comes from.

No need to become a food 'voyeur', a food snoop to do that.

Whether it's to check farmers in your state or close to a travel destination Real Time Farms let's you take a look at what they grow, if and when you can visit, directions and even see the catch of the day live sometimes.

Hazell dell

Among the Colorado listings is Hazel Dell Mushrooms in Fort Collins.

I was not that lucky regarding my state of New Jersey.

The few farms listed had merely a profile sheet.

I am sure this will change as Real Time Farms is always evolving.

Besides farms, you will also find listings for farmers markets and eateries.

Food Snooping on mushroom farms and other growers for Green Day # 234

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(* Picture of Hazel Dell Mushrooms farm from Real Time Farms site)

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