Rethinking How We Live from Our Houses Up, Conversations with Paolo Soleri

The place we call home and how it blends into the wider canvas of our city and our world has an impact on the earth and its resources, the same way that a plane trip to faraway places carries its weight of carbon in its footprint.

Books like Conversations with Paolo Soleri (Princeton Architectural Press, March 2012) by Lissa McCullough help us open our eyes and minds to solutions from an architect's point of view.

"Drawn from the visionary architect's personal notebooks and sketchbooks, Soleri's most recently (2004–2009) documented ideas respond to contemporary issues such as climate change, oil dependence, suburban sprawl, and overconsumption. Soleri outlines a detailed proposal for urban reformulation and renewal, appealing to architects, urban planners, environmentalists, urban historians, philosophers, ethicists, and anthropologists."

Paolo soleri

Urban reset for Green Day # 233

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