Don't Know Much about Japanese Calligraphy? Sign Up for Shodo Summer Class, Japan Society, NY

Don't know much about Japanese calligraphy?

Sign up for late summer Shodo class (starts Monday, August 13, 2012) at Japan Society in New York.

It could be a soothing exercise on a hot day to retreat to a quiet class and learn from Masako Inkyo who teaches that class. She started learning the art of Shodo at age 3 and got serious about it at age 6.

Japan Society's program describes Shodo this way:

"Shodō is an art form using a brush and charcoal ink on paper, wood plaques and fabric. It includes Chinese characters (kanji) and Japanese hiragana. Although it originated in the techniques used for letter writing, with its unique form of expression it has developed into an art genre. This hands-on workshop will introduce the techniques of shodō." 


Practical details on program:

$260 per course for Japan Society Members
$290 per course for nonmembers
*For tuition discount, please contact Reiko Sassa at 212-715-1256.

Mondays and Wednesdays, 8/13 – 9/17 (no class: 9/3); 10-11:30 AM / 2-3:30 PM / 4- 5:30 PM

Learning the art of the Japanese brush for Tokyo Thursdays # 239

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(* Shodo image from Japan Society program pages)

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