Beeswax Salve, A Natural Way to Keep Wooden Kitchen Tools in Top Shape

One wants to keep her/his good kitchen knives sharp and ready.

Making a sauce, a dessert, i would rather use wooden spoons and ustensils than plastic ones.

I never gave much thought on how to clean wooden kitchen ustensils besides soap and water option until I discovered that Beeswax Salve can keep them clean and shiny.

Beeswax salve is the bi-product of honey and is also the main ingredient for natural personal care product.

Beeswax salve

No waste natural cleaning for Green Day # 221


Willy Brandt Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) Opening on June 3 Will Shut Down from Midnight to 5 PM

(* Beeswax salve displayed above from Herriott Grace, creators of unique home and kitchen wares)


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