Willy Brandt Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) Opening on June 3 Will Shut Down from Midnight to 5 PM

One thing I missed when I started looking at Berlin as a great option for travelers looking for sensible airfares to Europe from the United States was that just before summer season gets in gear, the city is about to open a new airport, the Willy Brandt Berlin Brandenburg Airport (code BER?).

Paris and many other European cities are only an hour or two away yet what will it mean for anyone catching another flight on a different airline (on separate ticket from U.S to Germany part).

While it seems that Air Berlin and Lufthansa are moving all their flights there, Vist Berlin website only notes that budget airlines like Easy Jet and Ryanair will be flying to many destinations.


What happens if you fly United or Air France for example?

Will they move their operations from say Tegel Airport bit by bit?

I wish there was a detailed list of what these changes mean and how local transportation (rail, buses) will help travelers having to catch a flight somewhere else navigate the transition.

In the Green department, it believe it was decided to reduce noise polution that there would be no flights landing or taking off between Midnight and 5 AM.

Other eco-friendly features are highlighted on Berlin Brandenburg Airport official site.

It's hard to fly green and save green at same time, Green Day # 220

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(Rendition of Willy Brandt Berlin Brandenburg Airport by Bjorn Rolle from Visit Berlin site)

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