Search Your Slow European Travel Options with Loco2, a Search Engine for Rail Trips

Concerned about your carbon footprint when you hop on a plane.

Take the train and you will enjoy life in a slower lane plus you will reduce your impact.

You have seen me mention rail travel site Seat 61 on a number of occasions.

They are not the only game in town when it comes to planning to travel by rail in Europe.

I just discovered Loco2 which sounds more like a good train travel planner than a booking site.

Loco2 (2)

I put their search function to the test with 2 routes.

First one was Copenhagen to Nantes (France).

Second one was Toulouse to Verona (Italy).

In each case, at least 3 options were offered to me.

Most straightforward option offered for Toulouse to Verona seemed via Lyon with a departure at 7:18 in the morning and arrival in Verona at 19:57 pm, 12 hours and 39 minutes. It involves 3 train changes, first Lyon, then Chambery, then Milano.

For 2 cross border trips I used as guinea pigs main drawback is once I got details on itinerary, neither route offered me prices or way to pay.

To conclude Loco2 is perfect to sketch your trip and organize your vacation yet until they add prices to all destinations, i will find it lacking.

Rail Europe on the other hand gave me both schedules and fares. For Copenhagen to Toulouse it came to $375 for a one way trip (leaving Copenhagen on April 17, 2012). 

Slow travel, low carbon footprint with a little hoelp from Loco2 for Green Day # 213

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