Life Goes On in Tokyo, Life illustrated by Julie Blanchin

Happenstance led me to the gentle illustrations of life in Japan by Julie Blanchin a couple months ago.

She gave me the greenlight to share her work in our Tokyo Thursdays, then hurricane and tsunami put things on the back burner.

Her recent La Vie Continue ('Life Goes On') strip is a perfect introduction to Julie sensitive touch.

French  illustrator and comic strip artist Julie Blanchin is based in Japan since October 2009.

Since the summer of 2010, she shares love stories twice a month in Chabashira Yokosho, a Japanese Webzine.

You can also check her Travel Diaries (Brazil, Paris, Tokyo, Morocco)

Sketches of Spring for Tokyo Thursdays # 187

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(* Illustration courtesy of Julie Blanchin from her site, Le Blog de Julie)

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