Japanese Kindergarten Parents Get their Bento Box Skills Going with Start of School Year

I thought it would be healthy to take a break from earthquake and tsunami news today for Tokyo Thursdays.

Makiko Itoh's refreshing piece The best kindergarten lessons are at lunch time (Japan Times, April 7) gave me that opportunity.

I did not realize until I read her article that school year in Japan starts in April.

It is also a time when parents of kindergarten children get their bento box skills back into gear.

Makiko writes how lunch is also a teaching moment for kids:

"First, the children learn about proper hygiene by trooping to the sinks to wash their hands. (Japanese schools and kindergartens usually have hand-washing facilities all over the place, not just in the bathrooms.) Then they gather in groups, sit down on the floor and recite after their teacher words of gratitude for being able to have lunch together and thanks to their parents, farmers and others for making their lunches possible."


You might already know Makiko Itoh through her Just Bento site and companion book (cover above).

Back to school days for Tokyo Thursdays # 186

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