National Thrift Week Returns After 44 Year Gap, Philadelphia, January 17-23

Almost 2 years ago in The Green Granny Video Guide to Recession Survival (January 22, 2009), I mentioned the campaign to bring back Thrift Week. The original Thrift Week took place on January 17, 1916 as the country was in the middle of the 1st World War. January 17 marks the anniversary of the birthday of Bejamin Franklin.

After a 44 year gap, Philadelphia is the first US city to celebrate Thrift Week since 1966.

Events take place from January 17 to January 23, 2011.


Check New Thrift the promoters of thrift as 'an idea for the Twenty-First Century' for current and historic details.

(* illustration is one of many artefacts you can find in Thrift, A Cyclopedia by David Blankenhorn, Templeton Press)

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