The Green Granny Video Guide to Recession Survival

Need to adjust your spending habits to the new circumstances, here comes the Green Granny guide to recession survival.


Watch Barbara Warmsley's (Oxfam Green Granny) videos from the comfort of your office.

To stay on topic, it just happens that we are in the middle of this year Bring Back Thrift Week as I found out thanks to the Frugalista, Natalie McLean.

The original Thrift Week harks back to 1916 as the country was in the middle of the 1st World War.

As the BBTW site notes:

"The activities of National Thrift Week were guided by several specific principles and behaviors and each was given its own day. Hence, Americans joined together every January in celebrating Have a Bank Account Day, Invest Safely Day, Carry Life Insurance Day, Keep a Budget Day, Pay Bills Promptly Day, Own Your Home Day, and Share with Others Day. Then, as today, critics often maligned thrift as simple hoarding, but these principles demonstrate how the founders envisioned Thrift Week as so much more—they saw it not as a way to encourage miserly behavior, but instead to cultivate responsible consumerism and civic progress."

I found out about the Green Granny via Springwise.

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