De Young Yes, Starbucks No, Daniel Patterson 10 Do's and Don'ts in San Francisco

Chefs like Daniel Patterson of COI live and breathe their work.

Once in a while, they escape the restaurant kitchen and take time to enjoy their surroundings.

As a side-show to my Interview with Daniel, I asked him to share his 10 Do's and Don'ts on San Francisco.



1) Visit the DeYoung and Academy of Science Museums, world-class buildings and terrific exhibits.

2) Have a Gilbraltar (a macchiato with more milk) at Blue Bottle Coffee. And have a piece of cake, at their rooftop cafe in SFMOMA.

3) Visit Oakland, especially the great parks there.

4) Eat at Nopa, Nopalito, Aziza, SPQR, Benu, Michael Mina.

5) Have a drink at Tosca, one of the oldest and most storied bars in town.


1) Forget comfortable shoes - SF is a great walking city.

2) Eat anything while at Fisherman's Wharf.

3) Drive during rush hour.

4) Drink Starbucks - there's too much terrific local independent coffee here.

5) Forget to curb your wheels. You WILL get a ticket.


(* Curb Your Wheels image from SF Parking Tips for Tourists by Katie Baker, SF Appeal, July 2010)
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