Cowgirls, Culture, Restaurant Hopping, 10 Bites of Dallas-Fort Worth by Renie Steves

I had the pleasure to meet Renie Steves back in February at Vino 2010 in New York.

When I got my mind set on starting 10 Do's and Don'ts, I knew I had to ask the well traveled Renie for her take on Dallas and Fort Worth. She lives in Fort Worth.

Here it comes, served fresh off the web.



1.  For Nature and Science: the Energy exhibit and the Planetarium at the Museum of Science and History in Fort Worth while Arboretum in Dallas is a perfect peek of beauty in the spring and fall.

2.  Do see the cattle drive in the stockyards (Fort Worth's Northside) at 11:00am and 3:00pm daily. Longhorn cattle 'stroll' down Exchange street with colorful, friendly cowboys surrounding them.
Stay for the gunfight after the cattle drive. The head good guy is a true John Wayne look alike, act alike, and talk alike.

3.  The Sixth Floor Museum in downtown Dallas is a terrific experience. Took an 11-year-old granddaughter who made it an ultimate history lesson, telling her parents in Maryland every detail by phone. The interactive exhibits make it fun. 50th anniversary of the assisnation of Kennedy will be in 2013, and the director, Nikki Longford, hopes to add some new exhibits before then. Both Dallas and Fort Worth have amazing cultural districts.

4.  Knox/Henderson area in Dallas, and West Seventh in Fort Worth including Museum Place, West Seventh district, Montgomery Plaza area, and So 7 are great areas to head for restaurants.

5.  Don't miss the Urban Dallas Wine Trail (next in early 2011).



1.  Don't drive I-30 between Fort Worth and Dallas when there is a Rangers or Cowboy game. Go south to I-20 or north to 183... Avoid 635 in way north Dallas between 7 - 9am and 4 - 6pm. As wide as it is, it can be bumper to bumper.

2.  Go early or late to Joe T. Garcia's for classic Tex-Mex in Fort Worth or you'll stand in line a long time.

3.  Make friends with Fort Worth hierarchy to get box seats at the Stock Show and Rodeo every January/February.

4.  Avoid driving west on Camp Bowie Blvd. in Fort Worth as the sun sets. You cannot see!

5.  Don't eat a full meal at any one restaurant. Try one course at three. Do make them all in the same city --- they are an hour apart!

Renie could have gone on and on but stopped at 14 pieces of information that I condensed in 10 to keep all she brought to the table while sticking to the 10 Do's and Don'ts frame.

Merci Renie

Let me apologize for getting the train into the station a day late so to speak. I will try to stick with Saturdays in the future for this new feature.

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(* photo of Fall in all its splendour at Dallas Arboretum)

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