Maltitol, Chocolate for Diabetics and Sugar Free Lifestyle courtesy of Henri Le Roux

Is it odd to write about such a topic while others celebrate Sugar High Fridays (Browned Butter was the most recent theme offered by 17 and Baking)?

Who cares about cutting on the sugar if the taste is still there I thought when I discovered that fellow Breton, Chocolatier Henri Le Roux, is now offering a new recipe, Chocolat Maltitol, sugar free and green-lighted for diabetics and others pursuing a sugar free lifestyle.

You still get 60% Cacao.

Mr. Le Roux informs us that Maltitol is a sugar substitute made from malt.


2 more pieces of good news from these Fab Bretons:

-There is now a New English Version of the Henri Le Roux website

-Consumers in the US and Canada can now order up to 3 kilos(=6.6138 pounds (lbs) of their favorite treats directly from Henri Le Roux via the New Site.

In case you missed it I interviewed the master chocolatier on Caramels, Sea Salt Butter and a few other things back in March 2010.

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