Greenwash Vs Green Creds, Soul of A Green Machine Panel, Digital Downtown 2010

It is not just for food products that green labels can be confusing when not outright disingenuous.

All the gadgets we carry and use, music players, smart phones, digital cameras and I could go on carry a number of labels stating their energy efficiency, manufacturing standards, toxic free status.

Can we always make sense of these numbers?

When we look at an item sustainability aspect, should we include the social responsibility factors?

Is it OK to brag about our eco-conscious character while carrying a gadget (an I Pad, a netbook) made by people who might not earn more in a month than 1 of these toys sells for.

Are we ready to pay more to support all around sustainability?

On June 22, opening day of Digital Downtown 2010, the Soul of a Green Machine panel will discuss that.

Here's the program introduction:

Green needs to be more than just a buzzword when it comes to consumer technology. So why are there so many confusing standards (but no real official standard) when it comes to claiming that a gadget or product is green? Join Journalists, manufacturers, and standards representatives as they discuss regulating and demystifying the green technology trend.

Moderator: Martin LaMonica, Senior Writer, CNET News [@mlamonica ]
Panelists: Jill Fehrenbacher, Publisher, Inhabitat [@jillFehr];
Seth Frader-Thompson, CEO, EnergyHub [@fraderT];
Sarah O’Brien, Green Electronics Council

It will be my second Digital Downtown and I look forward to rich exchanges.


Greenwash vs Green Credentials for Green Day # 132

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