June 8 is World Oceans Day, Oceans of Life, Nature at Work

With Gulf Oil Spill continuing, there could be no better reminder of the fragility of our eco-systems and the importance of water in all forms on World Oceans Day, June 8.

As a way to mark World Oceans Day, "Oceana and partners Nautica, West Marine, Planet Green and GQ announced the adult and junior winners of the second annual Ocean Heroes Contest. Jay Holcomb, Executive Director of the International Bird Rescue Research Center, was voted the adult Ocean Hero and The Shark Finatics, a group of students from the Green Chimneys School in Brewster, New York, were voted the Junior Ocean Heroes."


Doing its bit on this official United Nations holiday, Nautica 360 Blog shares that "starting at 9:00 am, employees will embark on an all day clean up of the Hudson River at the Gansevoort Peninsula and shoreline using nets to pick up and skim debris. The Hudson River Park Trust is dedicated to improving the park’s Estuarine Sanctuary through public education, research and habitat enhancements."

Technology lends a helping hand with Toulouse based CLS tracking:

  7000 birds, terrestrial and marine animals fitted with Argos transmitters

  The movement of ocean currents all over the world thanks to the Jason satellite

  The Strength and the direction of the wind on the ocean of the world

Check the CLS Videos showing their work in progress.

Life and nature on the move for Green Day # 131

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