Rio Negro Caviar from Uruguay with Your Tequila for Cinco de Mayo

For gourmets in search of treats for their Cinco de Mayo celebrations, how about a small helping of Rio Negro Caviar from Uruguay.

The Black River Caviar project was started in 1990 with first Caviar produced in 2001.

Traditional areas for caviar in Russia have suffered from pollution.

The Baygorria Dam where the Rio Negro Caviar comes on the other hand provides pristine surroundings.

On a literary note, the producer quotes a Spanish classic:

"In the Quixote, Sancho speaks about a black dish called “Cavial” which was known by Cervantes as the sturgeons of the Gualdalquivir which no longer exist now."


They also shares recipes from a number of US chefs including a 'Chilled Oyster Veloute with Black River Caviar' dish courtesy of Douglas Keane of Cyrus Restaurant in Healdsburg.

They adhere to sustainable CITES practices.

So, will it be Uruguayan caviar with your tequila for Cinco de Mayo?

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