Green Flicks, Food Beware, An Organic French Food Revolution by Jean Paul Jaud

What happens when the mayor of a small French town near Nimes decides to take health and the pesticides bull by the horns?

He does not turn green with rage.

He starts with the kids cafeteria and switches school lunches from average to organic.

This gets at least some of the parents aboard.

He also gathers winemakers and fruit growers hooked on chemicals with more earth friendly brethrens to try to bring change in the fields as well.

After seeing shots of farmers wearing astronaut like suits and followed by a cloud of chemicals who would not want to?


You'll see all that and more in Food Beware, An Organic French Revolution a documentary by Jean-Paul Jaud distributed on DVD in the US by First Run Features.

Green Flicks for Green Day # 127

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