Champs Elysees Becomes A Garden, Nature Capitale, Paris, May 22-24

Cities get their green spots in an ocean of asphalt, some people grow herbs on their window sill.

Paris goes for a grand experiment with Nature Capitale (French Site) and gives the Champs Elysees a Garden Makeover from May 22 to May 24.

On the evening of May 22, International Biodiversity Day, Nature Capitale will turn the Champs Elysees from the Arc de Triomphe to the Rond Point into a green oasis where the sound of the wind blowing will replace roaring engines for a night and 2 days.

Some 150 plants and products will be part of this green mosaic.


This dream come true could not happen without Laurence Medioni, its architect.

On May 19, France stages its first Fete de la Nature (Nature Festival)...

All these are local expressions for 2010 International Year of Biodiversity, a worldwide event.

Sous les paves, le jardin for Green Day # 128

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