12 Months, 365 Days in Mugs and Coasters at Japan's Calendar Salone 2011

Any format can be a platform for expression when used by a graphic designer.

Japan as many other developed countries has seen a fall in advertising, product packaging and all these sometimes glossy and glamorous ways graphic designers put their stamp on our imagination.

To fight the gloom and dearth of projects the Japan Graphic Designers Association or JAGDA organized Calendar Salone 2011 in Tokyo from February 18 to February 23rd.


The Japan Times shares images of some of the projects and reports that while one of them used a different mug to represent each day another conceived his calendar as a set of 12 coasters.

Necessity can make creativity bubble to the surface.

Let a 1000 calendar ideas bloom!

A visual workout for Tokyo Thursdays # 128

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