Hours Left to Get Your Hands on Pair Tickets for Sword Fighting Men Japanese Film, NY Show, Feb 19

Don't pretend we kept you in the dark.

OK, we got this pair of tickets thanks to the Film Program at the Japan Society only Tuesday.

It left not much time to spread the word.

The Sword Fighting Men Japanese Film showing on Friday, February 19, 2010 at 7:30 PM in New York is Kenji Misumi's Destiny's Son (Kiru).

No winner so far for this Chambara Film.


To make things happen, I will ask a new and super easy question:

What band was one of the composers of the soundtrack for Last Emperor a member of prior to going solo?

I don't mean the ex-Talking Heads, I mean the other composer.

You have until Midnight on Thursday, February 18 to win the challenge.

First come, first serve.

Use the comments to give your answer (with e-mail so we can contact you).

Bonne Chance!

Freebies for Tokyo Thursdays # 127

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