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The abundance of choices we face or the lack of a framework or guiding posts we have when ready to make changes in our daily habits can inhibit us when we want to take steps to be more practically green.

If food is where you are meeting roadblocks, Sustainable Table is very down to earth in spreading the word on 'buy local, eat local'.
Sustainable table
With your well being in mind their latest Healthy Monday looks at the Culinary Benefits of Pumpkins (Daily Table, October 26).

They suggest Pumpkin Tempura for example and using smaller pumpkins as serving dishes.

Pumpkin risotto anyone?

Even though in my days, Halloween was not celebrated in France, Soupe de Potiron (Pumpkin Soup) was popular.

As far as energy waste and water issues are concerned, technology solutions can help.

This is the focus of EcoTechDaily which mentions innovative solutions to these problems for example University Of Iowa Using Oat Hulls From Quaker Oats As Fuel Source (September 2009) and Potty Tech: Which Is Greener, Toilet Paper Or A Bidet? (May 2008).


Practically Green as always for Green Day # 100

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